Hiking Baegundae Peak on Bukhansan Mountain, Seoul, South Korea


  • Take the subway to Gupabal Station. Go out exit 2 and turn right. You will see a bus stop. Take bus number 35 or 704 to Bukhansan Fortress (북한산성). The bus ride takes about 10 minutes.
  • Get off the bus where you can buy any snacks, steamed corn, water, etc.
  • Start walking uphill. There is a place to buy delicious hotteok for 1,000 won before or after your hike!
  • You will easily follow signs that say baegundae peak! The trail splits several times but there is always a sign posting which way to go. (I don’t know why people say you can easily get lost! Not true! It is very obvious which way to go!)
  • There are many spots to take a rest or eat a snack! I took several rests as I was not in the best shape!
  • People say this is very difficult and for experts only! While the hike wasn’t leisurely, it is definitely possible for anyone that wants to do it! It was definitely a workout but it was well worth it! The views all the way up were just spectacular!
  • Once you get to the top you should definitely have a picnic and then make your way back down! (Pack some makkeoli if you are feeling up to it!)
  • The hike took me 3 hours to get up, with frequent rest stops! We stayed on top for one hour having a picnic, and it took us another 1 hour to get back down with no stops!
  • We started the hike at 10am and ended at 3! The timing seemed perfect even as we were leaving, some people were just starting! The sunset would be nice to see though!
  • Enjoy! I highly recommend this to anyone in Seoul! Let me know if you have any questions!
  • After our hike we stopped by Myeongdong for some rose ice cream!

I made a video of the hike! Please subscribe to my channel if you have one! ❤ .