10 Must-Do Things in Harry Potter World!

Here are 10 must-do things at Harry Potter World in Osaka, Japan, otherwise known as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter located within Universal Studio. As you aren’t allowed to film on the rides, I didn’t include the rides in my list. I thought the Flight of the Hippogriff was not worth the hour and a half wait as it is basically just a children’s roller coaster and not very thematic. However, the Forbidden Journey, 4D experience, was a must! We waited 2.5 hours for this ride but it was all worth it. It moves alot but feels like you are hanging out at hogwarts, zipping through the castle, playing quidditch, and flying through deathly hallows. Things pop out at you, spray a little water, and the dragon breathes hot smoke onto you. You must wear 4D glasses on the ride to see everything and you are whipped around alot. I got pretty nauseous on the ride so it is not for everyone, especially quezzy people! Ride at your own risk.

Must do’s

1. Visit Black Lake. Pro tip: This is a great place for taking photos of the castle, eating, and drinking butter beer.) You will see hoards of people trying to get good photos with Hogwart’s castle but nobody is taking them by the Black Lake inside the restaurant .



2. Peer into the windows of Maddam Puddifoot’s Tea House. (You can’t go inside this shop, it’s just a store front.

3. Drink Butter Beer! You can get the frozen or regular kind. You then must choose if you want it in the disposable plastic cup, the souvenir cup, or the premium stein. The regular butter beer costs 600 yen ($6USD) for a disposable cup, 1100 yen ($11USD) with the souvenir cup, and 3,980 yen ($39 USD) for the premium stein. Pictured below is the souvenir cup.

4. Drink & Eat in front of Hogwart’s castle. This is on the back patio of Diagon Alley which gives you views of the Black Lake as well. The food here is pretty good! You can also buy butter beer inside with your meal.

5. Go Sweets Shopping at Honeyduke’s. The candy inside this shop is very overpriced but it’s super cute to take a look. 6. Eat Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jellybeans. These will cost you roughly $18! A little overpriced if you ask me!


7. Visit Owl Post. The shop is very cute with many different stuffed animal owls inside. This is also where Fang is located. Pro tip: to the right of this shop near the entrance of the park, is a real owl.


8. Go wand shopping at Ollivander’s Wands! This place is very crowded and the wands cost a minimum of 4,900 yen ($49USD). You can enter from the door or go to the tour which takes about 5 minutes and has a short line. it was pretty cool to see.

9. Cast a spell! If you buy a wand you can use it at various parts of the park to cast spells and things will happen!


10. Try Pumpkin Juice. This juice costs 800 yen ($8USD) but it was quite delicious, similar to an apple cider.


More tips: Make sure you get your timed-entry tickets to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as soon as you enter. It is located in the back right of the park. You can only enter during that time and they are very strict about it, so make sure you go during your timed ticket. It gives you an hour-window to enter but you can stay as long as you please. It is recommended to get the express pass tickets to skip lines as they can be very long!